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Professional Yacht Deliveries - Great Lakes, East coast, Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas, West Indies and Caribbean - Power & Sail

Delivery Captain Bill Everitt's credentials include holding an internationally recognized Commercial Master of Yachts Offshore 200T Masters License with both Sail and Power Endorsements (MCA Certified). He has logged over 80,000 nMiles of sea service and has experience doing boat deliveries on both Sail and Motor yachts since 2002.

As a licensed professional captain, he and his crew will safely, reliably and cost effectively deliver your boat on a non-stop basis (where feasible) over water anywhere. Typically, the cost of shipping a boat by water as compared to land transportation is less expensive and places far less stress on a vessel.

This boat delivery captain has been doing crewed yacht charters since 1999 in Bermuda, Florida, the Bahamas, the Caribbean (USVI's and BVI's) and the Great Lakes. He owns a sailing yacht charter business operating in Georgian Bay / North Channel (Lake Huron) since 2006. Prior to establishing his boat transportation service, he has been Captain/Engineer on larger boats, up to 74' and 135 Tons displacement, in South Florida since 2007.

Why use a boat delivery service?

There are several reasons why a client would need to have their yacht moved from one location to another. They are, but not limited to:

  • Owner wants their vessel relocated in order to cruise different waters and does not want to endure the long passage;
  • Owner wants the vessel brought South to the tropics in the Fall and then returned North in the Spring;
  • Owner purchases a yacht that needs to be relocated from the sellers location to their home port;
  • Yacht Brokers and Dealers need vessels relocated based on yachts for sale or yachts sold;
  • Repositioning for Boat Shows;
  • Boat deliveries by manufacturers when moving a boat to the new owner's location;
  • Repositioning for storm considerations;
  • Relief Captain services;
  • On the water training for new yacht owners.


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