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The question we most often get first when it comes to our services is understandably, “How much is it going to cost?”.

The overall boat delivery rates of a through-the-water delivery has many variables to consider. We treat each boat delivery inquiry on a case-by-case basis taking into account:

  • the distance and time needed for the delivery;
  • the time of year;
  • the size of the vessel and its equipment on board;
  • the navigable waterways identified in the route/passage plan;
  • the number of crew needed;
  • whether or not the owner(s) will attend part or all of the boat delivery;
  • whether it is inland, coastal waterways, or an offshore blue water passage;
  • whether or not mechanical or weather delays were encountered.

For example, a longer boat delivery typically has a lower daily crew rate as compared to a shorter delivery.

For longer boat deliveries we will consider the delivery fee to based on a per nMile basis, rather than a daily crew fee, for those clients that prefer that approach.


Once we have received your pertinent information, we will then provide you with FREE, no obligation, estimate along with a detailed delivery expense budget.


Our payment terms have been modeled consistent with industry standards. The delivery client makes a 50% deposit of the estimated crew fees up front prior to delivery departure. The balance of the delivery crew fee payment is due immediately upon safe arrival at the final destination. The balance of crew pay owing will be determined based on the actual number of days taken for the delivery. As a result, the balance of crew payment may be more or less than the initial 50% deposit. A final invoice is provided that indicates the calculated balance amount owing.


The client covers all delivery operating expenses in advance of the delivery. Typically, the client provides us with cash, credit or debit card that is used to cover the operating expenses as they are incurred on route. We provide a detailed expense report along with all accompanying receipts at the conclusion of the delivery.

Operating expenses covered by the client are:

  • Crew pay (50% up front – balance due on delivery)
  • Crew travel (airfares and transfer fees where applicable)
  • Provisioning for the crew
  • Vessel fuel
  • Locking fees (where applicable)
  • Maintenance/repair as required
  • Marina/Docking fees
  • Miscellaneous items related to the delivery

Any delays encountered due to mechanical breakdowns and/or weather considerations are important items out of our control. Typically, the client covers the cost of such delays. Decisions on mechanical breakdowns or weather are always made prudently with the safety of the vessel and the crew as the highest priority guiding such decisions.


Our pricing for vessel maintenance and care taking is established on a case by case basis depending on the needs of the client. Our flexible pricing model offers pricing on a by-the-hour basis, by-the-day basis, or by-the-job based on a pre-approved quotation.


Training and orientation on your vessel is priced in accordance with the length of the training/orientation sessions. Our flat fee half-day training is $350.00 and flat fee full-day is $600.00. Our rates are reduced for sessions greater than one day. We quote your training fee on a case by case basis depending on the length and number of the sessions desired/needed.



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