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Yacht Delivery Service - reliable and price effective boat deliveries

We specialize in through-the-water, non-stop delivery of Motor Yachts and Sailboats.

Why is “through-the-water” important to you?

Typically, moving a power or sailing vessel through the water places far less stress on the vessel. The vessels do not need to be hauled out in order to prepare for shipping over land, and then later re-launched at the destination – thus saving you these added expenses. For sailing vessels, the rig does not have to be UN-stepped in preparation for placing the vessel on a float trailer. Vessel hulls are better kept in the water where they are more ‘relaxed’ and keep their true designed hull shape.

Why non-stop boat deliveries?

We typically do a yacht delivery service on a non-stop around-the-clock operation whenever possible. This translates into a shorter delivery time, and since you are paying by the day, the shorter delivery time makes the overall delivery cost lower to you. Exceptions to traveling on a non-stop basis would be when navigating at night is not practical nor possible such as: traversing locks, navigating inter-coastal waterways, or extreme weather considerations.

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